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  International Diploma

Our International Diploma consists entirely of NCC Education, UK approved education courses. NCC Education is a global provider for Education solutions. NCC Education qualifications range from ICT for schools to the International Degree Pathway in Business or IT. Our programmes are recognised by universities, professional bodies and employers.

We currently offer Level 4 and 5 Diploma courses in Computing and Business Information Technology (L4DC, L4DBIT, L5DC, L5DBIT). To qualify for admission into the Level 5 Diploma, a candidate must have undergone and passed the Level 4 Diploma training.

Successful completion of the Level 4 and 5 Diploma courses provides access to undergraduate study in the UK from year 2 and final year respetively. Upon completion of either Diplomas, students who might want to further their training to the Degree level, can do so with any of the approved partner universities with NCC education. (Details of this can be seen on NCC Education Website)

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