Social media platforms are popular communication tools used by individuals, corporate organizations and government in today modern environment. It helps users to post, share, collaborate, and networks. Facebook is one of the commonly used social media networking sites in Nigeria. Different users use it for different purposes, for example, the application of Facebook to improve the productivity of the users. Therefore, the purpose of the study is to find out the features of Facebook that improve productivity. The research focuses on different Facebook users including Personal, Professional and Business. It made use of quantitative data using Snowball techniques in determining the productivity of Facebook users in Nigeria. The result of the research shows revealed most users are not familiar with the new features of Facebook that enhance productivity. The limited knowledge of the users and distractions from their online activities were some the reasons for the situation. The study, therefore, recommended users to have a clear goal of using Facebook, develop a strategy to implement the goals, periodic review of the goals and evaluation through monitoring of trends and seeking adequate knowledge of the platform.

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