Motivating employees is very imperative for any organization to enable it to actualize its goals and objectives. This study examined the appropriate motivational tools in enhancing the performance of employees with special reference to ECOWAS Commission. The descriptive research design was adopted for this research with well-structured questionnaires distributed and analysed using descriptive analysis. The objectives of the study were achieved with the aid of statistical analyses in finding the appropriate motivational tools for the staff of ECOWAS Commission and also if there are any significant motivational divergences between permanent staff and contract staff of ECOWAS Commission. The findings suggest that on the whole, financial incentives serve as the best motivational tool for the employees of ECOWAS Commission while Promotion ranked the least motivational tool for the staff also. Prior to the research study, discussions with other Contract Employees in ECOWAS Commission showed that Job Security was the least motivational tool. Surprisingly after data collection and analysis, it was observed that the least motivational tool for Contract staff is Promotion which also, is the same for the Permanent employees. The most appropriate motivational tool for both Permanent and Contract employees are Job Security and Financial Incentives respectively. For the contract employees, Job Security ranked 2nd compared to that of the Permanent employees where Financial Incentive ranked 2nd. This is the basis of the slight motivational divergence between Permanent and Contract employees.

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