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Portal Development and Management

GDLI aims at eradicating one of the greatest challenges facing today’s educational system like tight training budgets and time constraints preclude travel to a central location for high quality, hands on learning, this unique EDU- PORTAL is design to support self-motivated learners who want to get up to speed on the latest development trends, enhance their skills, and share knowledge through on-line learning communities. The edu- portal was launched as a virtual learning classroom to provide convenient, easy, and reliable access to cutting edge knowledge and communities of practice. All e-Learning courses address complex real-world problems in priority areas such as governance, health, cities, climate change, and public private partnerships. Learners also have access to free monthly podcasts and webinars, video success stories, multimedia toolkits, and other resources.

  • WISE – Workflow Information systems enterprise.
  • CAMPUS – Centralized academic management portal for universities.
  • COBIS – Corporate business information System.
  • DHIS – District health information system.
  • JCMS – Judicial case management system.


GDLI has a robust e-Exam platform with biometric interface capable of supporting 100 candidates at one sitting.

e-Library Development and Management

Our e library (also known as M.I.T library) provides an outstanding academic resource that supports the teaching, learning and research needs of your program. We have over 3.5 million e Books, application software, video conferencing, video lectures, multimedia and 1.583 Course wares from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (thus the name M.I.T). Large scale digitization projects are underway at GDLI with all our course wares been updated every three months. One factor that gives us an advantage is the fact that our e library can accessed from anywhere for all our subscribers with a search interface which allows resources to be found. These resources are typically deep web (or invisible web) resources since they frequently cannot be located by search engine crawlers